Bar, café and restaurant design trends to watch out for in 2019

January 18, 2019

Nottingham Trent University Bonington cafe view across the room

We’ve handpicked a few bar, café and restaurant design trends we think you’re going to see around the UK in 2019. We look at how technology is changing lighting, ways to incorporate sustainability and create a unique look at the same time, and how the use of colour can improve profits.

Bespoke Lighting

One major design trend you’re likely to start seeing is a breakaway from common lighting themes to bespoke fixtures. Technology has become one of the biggest influences in lighting for 2018, not only through the development of new products, but it also gives consumers access to any piece of information at the touch of a button, so your space needs to offer something unique. The Johnson Studio’s associate principal Anita Summers explained in Architectural Digest “through remote controls and apps, restaurants will be able to control singular bulbs in any part of the space from switching on or off, dimming, and changing colour.”


Each year we become more aware of environmental issues and as a result, sustainability is a design trend featuring more prominently in commercial spaces. With a need to provide something unique to the customer, upcycled materials and furniture can give an interior a one-of-a-kind look. Expect to see natural materials such as reclaimed wood used more frequently. Wood is a very valuable material because it is so beautiful in its natural form. In 2016 we provided a full design and build for Nottingham Trent University‘s Bonington Café where we used recycled scaffold boards for the cladding around the food counter and outward facing walls.

Use of colour

In a previous blog we spoke about the importance of colour and its ability to convey deep messages and meanings. We believe companies and brands are going to think about colour more prominently in their designs, as opposed to supporting a theme. Look at the psychology of colour and how it can affect consumer behaviour. Experts at Restaurant Insider gave a great example for how colour can improve a restaurant. They explained that the colour red increases your heart rate and blood pressure which, in turn, stimulates impulse eating. In an ever growing but saturated market, restaurant and bar owners should be looking at every area of design to maximise profits.

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